About Us

Rytan, Inc. is a state-of-the-art product development and manufacturing company founded in 1983.


Carol Silbaugh, who has been the General Manager since 1985, acquired the company in 2018 making Rytan, Inc. a woman-owned business. She has 30+ years experience in managing the day to day operations of Rytan’s manufacturing facility. Her expertise lies in inventory management, production scheduling, customer service, purchasing, and staff management. In addition to being a successful businesswoman, she is passionate about her family and is a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother.


Since our founding, Rytan, Inc. has grown to service customers with Contract Manufacturing and Assembly. We manufacture and assemble custom components made from injection molded plastic, die cast, stampings, wire and sinker E.D.M., and CNC and screw machined products. We have on-site 2D CAD, 3D Parasolids, MasterCam and Gibbs CAD/CAM. All our design capabilities are backed up by our in-house manufacturing processes.


We specialize in custom plastic injection molding of engineered resins, in both short-run and long-run productions. Our Plastic Injection Molding machines range from 25 tons to 250 tons in capacity. Rytan, Inc. designs, builds, and services the plastic injection molds we run. We also house multiple CNC and Wire E.D.M. Machines.


The Rytan, Inc. product line consists of a series of premium, heavy-duty Key Duplicating Machines and accessories, proprietary O.E.M. Key Combinating Machines, and Locksmith servicing tools.  Here at Rytan, Inc. we can design your part or product for production.


All Rytan machines and tools are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Southern California, USA. We even service our machines in-house – contact us for more information!