Locksmith Products

Locksmith Products

The Rytan, Inc. product line consists of a line of premium heavy-duty Key Machines and accessories, custom proprietary O.E.M. Key Combinating Machines and Locksmith service tools. The Rytan product line is distributed nationally through a network of Contract Hardware and Locksmith Distributors.

HEAVY DUTY KEY MACHINES: Epoxy painted solid aluminum cast machine bases areall precision computerized machined with Swiss cutters on ball bearing shafts powered by high output ball bearing 115 Volt A.C. or 12 Volt D.C. motors. Keys are securred with replaceable/interchangeable, wide, precision, parallel-action key vises. One key gauge system is used for all shoulder-to-tip key gauging (no seperate or special key gauges required).

Key machine replacment (repair/service) parts are available for purchase on-line.

LOCK PICKS: Lock pick blades are hardened stainless steel spring stock to resist breakage. Pick blades are precision injection molded into rigid plastic handles (not rubber handles) and offer an exceptional “feel” as you pick locks. The handles have smooth edges and do not feel cold to the touch; they are more comfortable than all metal picks too. Rytan lock picks are available in two shapes: Standard Slim-Line and Egronomic (slightly curved) pick handles; both handle types have a selection of small (padlock) pick blades. There are up to 17 different pick blade types to chose from. RYTAN LOCK PICKING INSTRUMENTS MUST BE PURCHASED FROM YOUR DISTRIBUTOR.

LOCKSMITH SERVICE TOOLS: Premium Plug Spinners, Kwikset Cylinder Removal Tool, Key Blank Adapters (for holding hard-to-hold key blanks while duplicating keys), Universal Steering Wheel Puller and GM Steering Wheel Plate Depressor tools are all made in our factory.

Locksmith service tools (repair/service) parts are available for purchase on-line (all lock picks must be purchased from your Distributor).